Khuphula Solutions has been in the ICT industry for the last 25 years and is part of the National Computer College Technical Support Division.

Having setup and serviced not only branches of National Computer College, but we have been an integral part of ICT solutions to various organisations, from small-medium enterprises to corporate giants in South Africa.

Our key focus is to research the market and then develop and implement needs, wants and requirements for all South Africans irrespective of various demographics on condition that we provide a solution to uplift and to develop communities, organisations and businesses.

We concentrate now mainly on cloud solutions which brings all sorts of quality and savings and innovative solutions without having the client requiring to go out and source these needs.

All our cloud solutions are hosted at Tier 3 Datacentres throughout South africa ensuring speed and decreased latency periods at all times.

Specializing in Cloud Hosted Voip PBX, Online Classroom Solutions, Online Backups, Web Development and hosting, Online Training as well as Cloud Hosted Point of Sale Applications, we have successfully created a solution not only saving a client time, but lots of money as well.

We boast a team of qualified and most sought after engineers who specialise in particular fields thus enabling us t o ensure quality of service and products at any one given time.

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